Pet Projects


A small project written in Java which transforms a bibtex library into a mindmap.

I wrote this in a day as a proof of concept but it actually works! It takes a bib library and then outputs a “.mup” file which can be used on MindMup, which is a cool open-source mindmapping software.

Here’s a sample of what it looks like:


see it on Github.


This is a small project in Java to help me use word embeddings like word2vec or GloVe.

I started it because I wanted to have a uniform way of clustering and using these vectors afterwards.

Right now it is in an early stage and it is unknown if it will ever reach its ambitions

see it on Github.


Another small project that fullfilled two purposes:

see it on Github.


A more ambitious project I have started with Alexandre It aims to produce a browser-based (JavaScript) tool to visualize dependency parsings of sentences and, later on, paths on the parses + more.

see it on Github.



This project is an embryon of an idea about a txt “to-do” list that could be the product of a meeting. It should be able to produce a per-person todo and maybe a graph version of the sub-tasks and dependencies.

see it on Github.