Cute animal friends -- Where I had to rework most PBN

By this time, I’d bought a new PBN piece that looked really cute and that I wanted to put up in my son’s bedroom.

This piece unfortunately had some major vectorization issues. Feeling confident, I reworked most of it and was quite happy with the result. This experience made me understand the algorithms used to produce PBN pieces, and also had me playing detective and using Tineye to find the original art that had been copied (or botched) for this kit.

Here it is when I started


Here is the “finished” result that left me larely dissatisfied.


Here is the original art that had been copied, which helped me understand what these trees and birds were supposed to look like:


I compiled a “before/after” reworking GIF to see the difference:


And finally…. the painting that is hanging on the bedroom wall..


I was particularly happy with the giraffe’s face in the final result. She’s just too cute!!!

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