A cat that looks like Kemal 🐅

After completing two paintings of Clochette (I and II), it was starting to feel unfair to my other cat, Kemal.

In truth, I was a bit afraid of bungling up her short fur. But, I mustered the courage, and went through with it.

Once again, I looked for a good picture in my collection. It had to be a pose that’s doable as a painting, and also flattering for my princess Kemal. Here’s the pic I picked


And here is my version


Kemal was a bit harder, the fur in particular, but also the features and the perspective in the reference photo. The colors…

I think it might be time to actually look up a tutorial or something and stop winging it that much.🤷

Nevertheless, I’m really proud of the result <3 and I hope you like it, too.

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