Water colors - Here we go again

I tried paint by numbers with acrylics, acrylic markers, painting my cats in acrylics (I and II and III), I was seduced by yet another technique and bought a cute little watercolor kit by winsor and newton:

winsor watercolor kit painting plus

And subsequently launched into trying out everything and anything at the same time. Here’s some trial and error that brought me:

  1. A phoenix chicken and some cute flowers


  1. An algue in a pot painting

  2. A rabbit painting

Watercolors are both very fun to play with, and difficult to use. I am getting the feeling I’ve been surfing my rather able eye and form-sketching hand, and just doing litteraly “whatever” with colors ….


I promise to actually look up a tutorial or something and stop winging it that much.🤷

Still, I’m quite happy with the results and I hope you like them, too.

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