Back to acrylics for this still life painting I did following this tutorial.

This tutorial was really thorough and I really liked that the instructor made the colors from scratch and included this part in the video. It kind of demystified some parts.

I realized I don’t actually have these primary colors, and that the texture and density of my paint are quite different. I’m pretty sure I need to upgrade them, especially the white one that seemed to have very little effect. Halfway through the painting I was really disheartened.

Here’s me thinking this is going to be a massive failure:


Another rollercoaster experience, but I kept on against some very vocal parts of my brain that kept telling us this sucks and it won’t be good, and that I don’t have the right colors, the right brushes, etc..

But!! here it is, looking like a real painting and majestic AF.


A lot of times painting is a meditative experience for me, but this time it was even more. I did learn something about myself. Not that there are voices that express fear, but that I really don’t listen to them as much as I thought I do.

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