I bought a piano

I studied the piano from the age of 8 to about 16 ( I can’t really remember ). And then completely quit.

This was about 17 years ago, and I haven’t really touched a piano since then. I’ve always kind of envied people who still play, and secretly wondered if I still could.

I think after 30 years of age, you have enough clarity about your own desires to know what really motivates them. I recently realized there was no weird or negative feelings between me and the piano, and decided it would be a fun activity.

So I bought one. To avoid gratification shortcuts, I decided to buy the cheapest decent electric piano/keyboard I could find. This Yamaha NP11 Keyboard cost me 80 euros, and I promised myself I would have to play for at least 6 months seriously before I even consider any upgrade.

Here’s my setup:

Yeap, that’s an ironing board. And a cat. Note: I’ve actually since moved it in front of a window, and even played quite frequently.

And to prove you my piano is not shit actually, here’s a review from someone else:

While there won’t be videos of me playing, I will try and keep this blog updated with my progress. It appears I’m catching up fast.

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