Art projects


When I was a kid, I took art lessons, and I even successfully passed a national exam that’s necessary for access to some schools (like architecture and design). At 18 I decided I’d rather become a computer scientist, and left all that behind.

After 20 years of inactivity, I re-discovered art accidentally, when I saw a really cool painting on reddit that turned out to be a “Paint by Numbers” kit. So I bought it, and when I got COVID-19 and needed to keep busy but with doing something less tiring than my job, I decided to give it a try.

Long story short… I later bought and did a couple of other “PBN” pieces of variable quality :) Which then made me take a course on sketchbooking with acrylic markers, and start painting my cats, … and who knows what I’ll do next.

Through making art I have found myself discovering a new way of thinking about effort and gratification.

I felt like documenting my progress would make sense, so here we go.