Charting the indiegogo Greek Bailout Fund Campaign.


I wanted to see how the Greek Bailout Fund campaign evolves.


Thom Feeny organized a campaign on Indiegogo hoping to bring people together and fund the Greek Bailout. In a couple of days it went from being considered a joke to a major twitter hashtag.

Read more about Thom’s idea on his opinion article in the Guardian.

Lots of people commented on the impossibility of the project, and I wanted to keep track.



These are some interactive histograms made by using Google Sheets.

I try and keep the sheet updated. As of July 1st ~18:30 the campaign has reached a million, but of course there’s a long way to go.

Warning: because of the imperfect manual entry and interpolation, these charts could be rather impertinent (read: sloppy), at least regarding any point before this afternoon.

Balance & Contributors

Total amount of contributions (balance) and number of contributors.

Balance & Contributors II

Another vesion of the above information, with the contrubitor data more visible.

Average Contribution

Average contribution per person overall, and on the last batch.

Rate of change

I have tried expressing this change on a per minute basis, so when the value is 100 it means that at that time of the day +100 more contributors (or €) were added to the campaign.

Other Charts

By country

So here’s the breakdown of contributions by country as published by the organizer, at 500k €.

And the same type of chart, at 1.2m €.

Recap by indiegogo

Indiegogo published a graphic with some statistics about the campaign, at 1.3m €

More stats

There’s a twitter bot that is frequently reporting on the progress, called Greek Bailout Bot.

Here’s what it does:

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