my face

I’m Dialekti and this is my personal website.

I am a data scientist, an amateur photographer, a traveller, a foodie, a passionate music lover, and many other things.

I am currently the CSO of SparkUp, where I use the power of data and science to innovate and transform the way financial products are sold.

In January 2017 I defended by PhD thesis on Information Extraction from scientific text at Paris Saclay University. In 2015 I helped co-found a promising parisian startup, Compellia, by boot-strapping data mining and extraction.

Fun useless fact about me: Interestingly enough I have a Erdős–Bacon number of just 6, with a value of 3 for each of my Erdős number and Bacon number.

I live in Paris since 2009 and I love it, but I grew up in Athens.

While I will make the promise to add more information here, please use the sidebar to find out more